Become a member

After the (3) free training visits under the guidance of a qualified trainer, you will be required to purchase the MAAA insurance which covers you for the risk of property and personal injury.

Full Club membership provides this cover and commensurately gives you access to the first class facilities on offer at SHMAC, that is key entry to camping and amenities etc. including all club fly days with catered meals, and importantly unlimited access to the guidance and experience that will see you succeed!

The following is a list of membership types available at SHMAC:

  • Senior
  • Junior
  • Associate
  • Senior Associate

Half year reduced club fees are available if you sign up in Jan at the half year mark (a 50 percent reduction in fees is awarded for the reduced 6 month period.

Club fees are liable to change depending on membership and MAAA insurance. For an up to date costing please contact the club secretary or SHMAC mail inbox.